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Details for Fishing Wire Ropes

ASAHI ROPES is proud to present itself as the leading wire ropes manufacturer in India with a strong presence in the Fishing Industry. A major deteriorating force for the fishing rope is the corrosion factor in the marine environment. Larger outer wire diameter, superior quality of galvanization, and application of high quality of lubricant to check corrosion considerably, together extend rope life of ASAHI Fishing Ropes.

S.NoProduct Name
Oil and Gas Wire Ropes Manufacturer
2 6x19S(9-9-1)
Offshore Steel Wire Ropes
3 6x25S(9-9/6-1)
Offshore Steel Wire Ropes
4 6x21F(10-5F-5-1)
Steel Wire Supplier
5 6x25F(12-6F-6-1)
Offshore Steel Wire Ropes
6 6x37M(18/12/6-1)
Drilling Line Wire Rope Manufacturers India
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Wire ropes manufacturer In India

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