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Details for Elevator wire ropes

Our Lift & Elevator ropes are manufactured under stringent quality norms and by state-of-the-art technology. These ropes are aimed to provide jerk free movement of the elevator.

ASAHI’s Lift & Elevator ropes are flexible and with excellent grip properties that allow for smooth movement of rope over the pulley. The elevator wire ropes make use of thicker wires for the outer most strands which helps overcome cyclic stress created due to continuous rolling and unrolling of the rope over the pulley.

    ASAHI ROPES produces a range of Lift & Elevator wire ropes, including:

  • Hoist Rope
  • Compensating Rope
  • Governor Rope
  • Control(Door Closing Rope)

Following are the constructions which are being used in this sector:

S.NoProduct Name
16X19 (12/6/1)
Oil and Gas Wire Ropes Manufacturer
26X19 (9/9/1)
Offshore Steel Wire Ropes
3 6X19 (12/6 + 6F/1)
Drilling Line Wire Rope Manufacturers India
4 8X19(9/9/1)
Drilling Line Wire Rope Manufacturers India
5 8X19(12/6+6F/1)
Offshore Steel Wire Ropes
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wire ropes manufacturer

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